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Benefits of FitYoga:

Combines a workout with relaxation

FitYoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy. A session makes you break a sweat and burns calories, all the while leaving you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and rejuvenated by the end of a session.

Improved Breathing

FitYoga emphasises the breath. Deep breathing is proven to reduce stress, increase oxygen circulation in your body and rebalance your nervous system.

Improved Self-Confidence

FitYoga helps you still the mind, through conscious breathing. Coupled with meditation and body movement, conscious breathing can improve your self-confidence as you become more aware of your mind movie.

Your Teacher: Mathieu Ganado

Soul Habits is the epitome of a balanced lifestyle brought on through the power of community. With an aim to rejuvenate body and soul, re-create alignment and promote mindfulness, Soul Habits looks to awaken your inner freedom in a world of chaos.
Born in France and brought up in Malta, Mathieu Ganado knows first hand the importance of mental health, having been to the darkest places and back, after his own struggles with anxiety….(Learn more)

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