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Self-Development Seminars

Do you find yourself in a tough place on a mental or physical level, with no sense of fulfillment?

Whether you’re stuck in the mud or simply looking to enhance your self-realization tool kit, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our full range of Live Self-Development Seminars and E-Courses to ignite your inner fire.

Annihilate your limiting mindset TODAY and take full ownership of your life movie.

You truly have the tools to make your life a masterpiece.

Born in France and brought up in Malta, Mathieu Ganado knows first hand the importance of mental health, having been to the darkest places and back, after his own struggles with anxiety. Through perseverance, discipline, commitment and a drive for self-understanding, Mathieu not only overcame his own struggles but in the process discovered his spiritual nature and purpose. Through his Wellness brand Soul Habits, Mathieu undertakes various wellness initiatives in helping others find their freedom from mental suffering.

The initiatives undertaken by Soul Habits, amongst others, include a Yoga Studio, a self-development blog, motivational seminars and speeches as well as organic brand product distribution. Mathieu is currently working on a book, to share his own positive story and the lessons learnt on life’s true meaning, all by means of his ongoing journey of self-realization.

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